Kevin Goody

Kevin Goody is a police Constable who works at Gasforth Police Station.

Constable Kevin Goody is probably the most complex of the show's characters. Unintelligent and generally oblivious to the obvious, he has very little idea of what being a Police Officer entails, and admitted that "wearing a nice uniform" was one reason he joined the Force.

Easily confused, his ineptitude amazes Fowler, who once exclaimed "your head is just something you keep your hat on, isn't it?". Goody is always on an unsuccessful quest to win the heart of WPC Habib despite his obvious camp behaviour. He lives with his mother, of whom he is terrified ("...she'll come down here, and do her raving Nah-Nah...") and Habib has learned to threaten to inform her when he becomes too annoying. He did however once strike a prisoner out of pure rage when the young thug made a racist remark against Habib, for which he was nearly charged by Fowler. Almost every episode shows Goody trying to impress Habib.

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